Monday, October 31, 2011

10-31-11 Occupy Politics

Earlier today, I went down to Occupy Austin to see what was happening with the organization considering the current arrest that has been made.   It is clear that the numbers are down, and that the moral is starting to sway a bit.  It is also clear that many people are more energized to keeping the movement alive.  While I talked with a couple of people it became clearer to me that they do need to take on a Political aspect to their movement.  I had posted on this subject earlier in the day.  Thus, the reason for this follow posting now.
Below is the beginning concept of what I feel needs to be created to keep the Occupy movement alive.  It is rough, and I am sure it needs some more feedback from those involved.  So, please feel free to email me at, or add your response here to my posting.
Life goes on…I go on

Occupy Politics
Occupy Politics is a grass roots organization born out of the Occupy protest movement.

To be a clear voice for Middle America politics that clearly finds the middle ground of the Right and the Left to keep our country strong, vibrant and powerful on a global basis.

An Occupy congress is created first on a local city by city level, then by State level from those city organizations, then a National level by the state organizations.  Each entity is to be focused on the issues related to their local needs and desires, while then addressing it on a State and National level as needed.
To create an Occupy congress, participants within the individual Occupy movements will select one person from each of the follow categories:
African American/Black
Other Nationalities that are represented within their Occupy group as needed.
LeTs Bi Gay/Homosexual
Income of less than 25,000
Income of $25,000 to $50,000
Income of $50,000 to $100,000
Income of over $100,000
A spokes person, a treasurer, a director and a Chairman will also be selected from the group.

It should be noted that on an ideal basis, one person should only represent one category, so that they may be able to focus on the concerns and issues for that group, thus not having their time & energy divided up by other category issues. 
It should also be noted that no one racial or ethnic group should have a majority of elected members.
The strength of the organization will cause the party leaders from political groups to respond to and work with Occupy Politics.  Furthermore, those seeking a political office will address gatherings of Occupy Politics within their area.
At NO time, will an Occupy Politics organization support in any manor via an endorsement, financial aid, financial gift, or an6y other form, a political group or person running for a politi9cal office.

8-31-11 Love

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a Halloween party.  During the event, I was flirted with by many people, as I also flirted.  It was a lot of fun and it was good for my ego.  However, there was one person that I had flirted with previously that said they would call, and had previously mentioned that they were in the middle of mid-terms.  I had posted about this person and another one previously.
Today, I post that I am still confused with some people.  This person was all over me that evening, and we said and did things that were fun.  I, however, was also very clear with what my feelings are for this person, and while they seem to reciprocate, it also seemed later after not hearing from them, that they are all talk and no action.  This really sucks!  We all put ourselves out there at some time, and most of the time, it does not work.  But, why can’t people be honest with themselves and others?
I am at the point that I really can’t date anyone, as I had mentioned before, I can’t really see myself inviting someone back to my storage unit for a sleep over, or dinner.  Plus, the money is not there.  Let’s face it; it’s not cheap to date these days…lol.
But, at the same time, I want to be clear about my feelings, so that if they are interested in some extent, then they will either work with it, or if they are not interested, then say no.  But to act and to say things that lead a person on is just not right.
The other issue is also where I meet people.  Let’s face it; there are not many good healthy places to meet people these days.  Bar’s and friends are about it.  Friends mean well, but they really don’t know you enough to select your future spouse.  Bar’s are about drinking and one night stands more than about meeting your future spouse.  So, you go on with life, and meet people in various places, not sure if you can really flirt with them for you don’t know if they are married, seeing someone, etc.  And then you run into those who want a sexual encounter, but not a romance, that’s another headache all together.
On a spiritual level, yeah, I know, the person that I have chosen to be with will come when we have chosen it to happen.  Until then, I really shouldn’t get frustrated and annoyed, but just enjoy everyone I meet.
Life goes on…I go on.

10-31-11 Occupy Austin

Well, the city of Austin has started to treat he Occupiers like all the other cities have, as a nosecones and something to get rid of.  I understand their frustration, they’ve been Occupying the front square of city hall for 24 days and not much has come from it.  But that sadly is the case for all of the Occupy cities.  So many of the Occupiers claim there is not one person in charge of their group, that they all are in charge and that they all vote on what the movement wants and declares it to be.  But, in the process, things are not getting done at a pace that will keep the movement alive.  Instead, this slow Occupying process is just that Occupying.  No movement, no forward motion.
On Saturday, I was there to be a part of the march.  The march started late, so I could not stay as long as I wanted to.  During my time there, I was able to talk with a few people, including those who were doing independent films.  The same conscious aspect was emerging from each person, enough Occupying and now let’s do something that moves the movement forward.  The march a few weeks ago that closed out some bank accounts at Chase and B of A was a good move; it made the banks aware that there was some backbone to the movement, the anger.  But that was it, nothing else is happening.
Therefore, the cities are starting to get tired of it and want the Occupiers gone.  If no political power is created, then there is no reason to keep the movement alive.  It is past the time for Occupy to do something of value, other than occupying. 
I strongly encourage ALL Occupy cities to have an internet conference and begin to act as a political movement.  Choose someone from each city to represent the city, and then choose a group of people from those to represent the country, etc.  Create the power of a political movement, for that is the only aspect that politicians will listen to.  Create a platform that majority of American’s can support, that is in the middle of the Right and of the Left.  Not everyone will be happy, they never are.  But, by creating the single voices, you begin to give a focal point that people can see and can begin to get behind.  Right now, Occupy is occupying and losing their momentum.  Don’t let this happen!
Oh, and for those of you who always encourage people to take up the fight and do something, don’t keep passing the buck.  You are there; you are a diehard Occupier, so make the movement move forward and become a true reality of change.  Those of us that are doing our best to survive will be there when we can.
Life goes on…I go on.


Happy Halloween!  I have been homeless for over a month and now well into the Fall weather and the Holidays.  What will the following days and weeks bring to me?
On a good note, I was able to “Borrow from Peter to pay Paul,” as the saying goes, and pay for November rent on my storage unit.  That is good…lol  It cost me an extra amount, but hopefully, it was worth it in the longer term.
The weekend was full of interesting events, and for that reason, I will break the postings down into smaller ones to help with the flow and the interest.  What I will say here is that as I go through this event in my life, I do my best to not look or act homeless.  That means, I wash my clothes as and keep them as clean as possible.  I make sure I keep my gym membership so I can shower daily, and thankfully, help me work out and relive some stress as well.  Thus, when I talk to someone in person, I don’t want them to know I am homeless by my looks or actions.  I will, if I so choose will tell them that I am homeless.  Homelessness is not something to be proud of, and it is not something that I wish for anyone, unless they want it and there are plenty of people happy to do so.  But for myself, and the millions of others that are caught in this situation, I pray to God that something changes soon in our politics, and our mental consciousness to share the wealth and to make all living beings healthier, happier people.
Life goes on…I go on.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


On Thursday as I sat at the library PC typing in my latest blog, a reporter from KXAN (CBS) was asking people if they do job search using the computer.  I responded and said I could answer her questions from two points of view.  We sat down in a quiet area and she interviewed me.  I advised her of my homelessness, job searching and trying to keep my business alive.  I felt it was a good interview and I hope she does use it in some way.  As of this morning (Saturday) I have not seen anything on TV, which is not really a surprise since I hardly get to watch any considering my

In the mean time, I keep trying to find a way to pay my storage unit, a possible source of income may have come through which will allow that to happen, but I have to wait a few days to see if it does.  I keep the faith that it will all work out.

An author or mine, Dennis Matranga and I went to Occupy Austin on Thursday night to try and get some press for his book.  We were able to get him on a live feed for their web site, so that was good.  We also left a copy of the book their in their free library.  What is interesting is that what Dennis's book "American Me?" is about, is exactly what Occupy Wall Street is all about.  It was nice to see that we had the book out in eBook format long before Occupy had happen.  I hope we get some of the

I had mentioned in one of my last postings of a friend who wanted to send money to me.  I had encouraged her not to for I felt her family would need it.  Well, she was not going to hear that. She is sending me some  I GREATLY appreciate it!  But, I have to be honest, I'm not using many of the free services for the homeless unless I absolutely have to.  I don't want to take from others who made need the free services more then I do.  I do have some money, though a small amount flowing in and out and it is that I use to keep me alive and going.  Therefore, why should I use other services when I don't need to?  I'm not being heroic or selfish, I just don't want to take away from others.  Too many people are in need of help, and it saddens me to see our Government not doing anything about it.  What little they have done is just that, little and not nearly enough.  Instead, billions will be used on campaigns to elect a new President...something is so wrong with that!

Life goes on...I go on.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

10-27-11 #2

10-27-11 #2
I received an email today from one of my supporters.  She has been racking her brain on how she could help me financially, even though her family is going through extreme times themselves.  She went as far as to send some money from her son’s savings account.  I am very touched by that, but I was very clear NO, NOT to send me any money.  Her and her family may need that money themselves if things don’t improve for them.
It is a wonderful gesture, but one that I could not live with. 
I know that all of this HELL that all of us are going through is to force us to make a change for the better.  Occupy Wall Street is part of that.  We need to support them in every way we can, and to make sure each of us helps change politics and greed. 
ALL of us deserve and have a right to a good life, not one of being worked to death for pennies, or for fear of losing our job.  Each of US deserves to have a place called home, wither an apartment, a home or a sleeping bag in the woods.  It should be our choice, not corporations, not politicians, not greedy people.
Change MUST happen and happen SOON!
Life goes on…I go on.

10-27-11 Day 34

The week has not turned out as I had hoped it would financially.  Now, I begin to worry if I will have money for my storage unit next week.  That’s the only place right now I can count on for a sleeping space.  My other bills are current for November so I’m ok on that level.
I’ve been doing what I can to promote certain books at the moment as well as the business, but I am not seeing a return on the investment.  My hopes of sending out a post card with a sales code to my customers does not appear to be happening.  Another lost opportunity for sales.
Being homes, I thought and was hoping to at least it would free up some money for the business, instead I just keep getting further and further behind.  More and more the reality of me having to shut down the business is creeping into my thoughts.  Something I really don’t want to happen.
At this point, all I can do is move forward concentrating on the positive and what I can do to keep things alive.  The Universe needs what my Authors write.  The Universe needs positive words and stories.  The universe needs change.  I NEED CHANGE!
Life goes on…I go on

Monday, October 24, 2011

10-24-11 Occupy Austin

10-24-11 #3
Occupy Austin and the other groups keep hanging in there and I applaud them for keeping it up. 
I also hope that they take this suggestion to hear and do something serious about it.
One of the major complaints Occupy has is the strong influence large corporations have in politics and economics.  But what about sports organizations?
Sports organizations are large corporations as well.  (Well actually, most of them are organizations held by a few owners and are not traded on the stock market, they don’t want to share their profits.)  Is no one angry at the ridiculous amount of money being paid to spoiled athletes?  And yes, I say spoiled as most of the ones earning over $1 million a season are spoiled.
The NBA is currently in negotiations with its players over contract issues which means who’s going to get more from the revenue. The players feel cheated by the owners. T he owners are being penny pinchers.  Thus, it all comes down to money.
I suggest that each of the Occupy cities who have major sports teams send groups to those offices and Occupy them.
Being paid well for your talent is one thing, but really, I mean being paid so much money that it’s ridiculous.  I say give 10-20% of your earnings, both players and organizations back to your community through the arts programs that help create our future scientist, artist, musicians is a much better use of your money then hoarding it.
Occupy organizations, the challenge is made.  Will you express anger at the sports organizations as you have done with others, or allow the status quo?

10-24-11 #2

31 days.  A whole month has gone by and not much has changed.  I’m still homeless; my business is still alive, though barely.  My dreams and goals still exist as are my wants and desires, which right now are pretty much the same.
This is NOT good.  After 31 days, I would have hoped things had improved or that I see things improving, even it only a little bit.  But they are the same and that to me is not good!
Life goes on…I go on.

10-24-31 Day 31

I made it through the weekend in overall pretty good shape.  Friday was a little rough only because I was discovered in my storage unit by another two unit renters.  So far, nothing had been said to me, so hopefully they didn’t say anything to the property staff.  Time will tell.
I did run into a friend Friday night who did not know of my situation.  He was speechless when he found out.  He did recover and said if things get too rough to call him.  Let’s hope it never gets ‘too rough’.  I did thanked him for his kindness and let it go at that.

In the mean time, I ran into one of two people I am currently found of.  They said hello, gave me a kiss and said they were in the middle of Mid-Terms.  I suspect it was there way of saying ‘don’t give up on me,’ but It may have also have been me hanging on to hope.
As for the second person, I have not heard from them since our phone conversation when we agreed to talk by phone and to schedule a meeting.  They did make it clear that the Baseball play offs and World Series games did have priority and everything they scheduled was around those games.  Seriously, not even a phone call?  Well I was warned ahead of time.  By the end of the week, I shall see if they call.
I was at the Texas Book Festival passing out book markers and promoting the company the best I could.  I shall see this week if it was a good investment of time and money.
Things are very tight right now on the money front and I anticipate it changing slightly soon.  I hope so, I have book orders pending and I need some good sales this holiday season.
Life goes on…I go on.

Friday, October 21, 2011

10-21-11 Day 29

Howdy!  It’s been a couple of days of me working through my illness, it was sinus issues and now that I am over it, I can try to get refocused on what needs to be done.  Saving my business is one of the main aspects.
This weekend is the Texas Book Festival.  My company had submitted 25 books for their review and even though a couple of them got great reviews from the press  and one even won a couple of awards, all of them were refused.  Simply put, none of them had a big name attached to it or huge marketing budgets.  Thus, to TBF, they didn’t see a draw so they couldn’t make money from my authors, thus, there is no reason to invite the authors to attend.  So much for the TBF being created to promote Texas Authors, Books and reading.  As with everything these days, it’s all about the MONEY!  I will be passing out information in front of the gates at the Texas Book Festival regardless of their desires.  I need to keep my business alive for so many more reasons than just myself.
There are other events going on in the city as well this weekend that I do hope to enjoy in some way. 
This morning I was just barely awake when one of the other storage unit renters came in close to my unit and began getting things out.  This alarmed me as my door may look locked, it is not and anyone who studies the lock closely would realize that and open the door.  Me lying down on my makeshift bed is not what they need to be seeing, well they don’t need to see anything in there at all.  I just don’t need to be exposed as living in there.  So I quickly got dressed as quietly as I could, get everything together for my gym run and as soon as I heard sounds of them walking away, I jumped out, unlocked my lock and locked up my unit.  I was unseen from them, and on my way out of the building.  Too close for call.  I DO NOT like this at all!
Life goes on…I go on.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10-18-11 #2

One thing I have learned over the years is that you can create the life you want on a spiritual/sub conscious level, which will manifest itself on a conscious level.  However, in order to make that happen, you have to be surrounded by those people that will help create that.  Thus, who your friends, family and associates are, will have a direct imp0act on who you and what you become.
So when a Guru says; “Visualize yourself as _________ and you will become it.”  They should also fo0llow it up with; “And draw the people into your life that will help you become it.”
Here is a perfect example.  Someone wants to become a great author, so they work hard at writing various short stories, novels, poems, whatever it is they wish to become great at.
They show their work to their family and friends who out of their wanting to please you, will tell you that it’s good, great, wonderful, etc.  And of course some will even go as far as say, “You should get this published.”  The family and friends don’t mean to miss lead you, they after all, feel that they must be encouraging and helpful that is why they say what they say.  But there kindness, while meant to be good, can actually be damaging as it creates a false sense of pride.
This false sense of pride then leads to trying to get the ‘work’ published and when that fails, the scum of the publishing world known as “Self Publishing” offers you a golden opportunity to get published for a great low price.  It does not matter that the gook is great, adequate or poor.  It’s money to them, either way.  Their business model is set up to make money, no matter what.
This is why there is so much crap out there today and why good writers who will become great with the right encouragement and practice become disillusioned, dis-hearted and give up.
My business plan was designed to be that one company to help unknown authors to become great.
Sadly, I never had the money necessary to make that happen the way I saw it.  Thus, why I am homeless now.
Ok, I got a bit side tracked here.  I wanted to point out how having the right people around you can help or hinder ones success.
While in the example above, the person believed that they had the right people surrounding them, not really knowing that they were the wrong people for the success they wanted to achieve.
What they needed was an outsider who had no emotional connection to the writer, an honest oppio9n of their work and how to improve upon it.  This simple objective oppion may help the writer to actually accomplish their goal; a great piece of work.
This concept is of great value with everything.  Having the right type of support around you that is honest and willing to call a spade a spade and not hide the truth from you.  I wish I had had that help for the business.
It may have not kept me from the current financial situation, but I may have been in a better position to handle this current situation.  It is this thought that brings me to our current Universal situation.
I have always believed that each one of us, no matter what race or country we are from, etc., comes from one essence.  That each of us holds our own destiny, while working with others to create it or not to create it.  Thus, while in our body we may seem as one, separate from the whole, we are not!  We are still part of the whole.  And there in lines our salvation from our own devastation.
Has part of the whole, when we as individuals feel sad, lost confused or even happy, wonderful and energetic, that thought is passed on to others.  We have seen it time and time again through storms, heartache, etc.  We may feel a certain way, but if we surround ourselves with others that feel the same way, we seem to get further down or up depending on the situation.
Currently as a Universal consciousness it seems that as a majority, we are feeling distrustful of politicians, our economy and about our future.  This negative feeling continues to be hammered home through our news stations and most importantly by our friends who are feeling the effect first hand.  Thus, while we constantly want and expect things to get better, they are not because of our perceptions.
We as humans have been worst off then we currently are within the last 100 years alone.  Yet, we forget about that.  We think that this is horrible and the worst ever.  It is NOT!
Hell, even my homelessness may be the worst I have ever gone through in my eyes, but it really is NOT!  Every day I am reminded by many people who don’t know me or my situation that it could be far worst for me or even for themselves.  It is that reminder that helps me stay more positive and reminds me that the end is closer then I know.  It is also that type of reminder that helps me to draw into my life those who want to do and be better then what is currently perceived.
So here is the bottom line.  I get that things on a conscious visual level look horrible.  I am telling you that on a sub conscious level it is GREAT!  And it is that greatness that you show and grow within that will help others as they too begin to accept their Greatness and the worlds Greatness.
There is NO reason that each person cannot have a job if they want one.  Or make a living at want they want to do.  There is no reason that Wealth on so many levels cannot be shared by everyone if the majority wants that.  There is NO reason you cannot reach your Greatness in the way you want to, just shift your thought process and bring those around you that will help you reach that greatness while at the same time helping them reach their greatness.  It may not look or feel smooth or even smell like a rose, but be honest every step of the way and it will happen.  I look forward to seeing you when you arrive at your success.
Life goes on…I go on

10-18-11 Day 25

Yesterday was a tough day.  It was clear that something; a virus to be more specific had attacked my body.  Feeling body aches, congested noise, and headaches is bad enough.  But, to feel it as homeless seems ten times worst.
I am grateful to have had a free room coupon and an extra $10 to extend the room beyond the eight hours.  This allowed me the opportunity to use their Jacuzzi, take some NyQuil and sleep for 10 hours.  I woke up a lot more refreshed then I had felt the day before.
I hope to accomplish this again tonight.  Though I have not check my emails as of yet and do not know what the latest issues are for me to work through.  Considering I already received multiple text messages from one headache, I figure the emails will be simple.
These series of text messages actually brings me to another topic which I will go into with more detail in a separate post.  Until another day…
Life goes on…I go on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

10-17-11 #2

Money has been tight the past few weeks which is not a surprise.  It’s forced me to spend more nights in the storage unit.  A bit of advice, don’t sleep in a room that has chemicals in it, even if it’s only laundry soap and sheets of fabric softener.  I am feeling the effects nightly as the chemicals constrict my throat.  In addition, the sinus problem I had my first week seems to linger being activated each night with the chemicals.  I have covered them up as much as possible to not inhale the chemicals.
In the mean time, my sexual rating still remains high, though I have not taken advantage of it or the possibility of a bed for the night.  My mind set is just not there.
Two of the people I had hoped for a bit more from, have failed to step up as they said they would.  I’m not surprised, just disappointed that they didn’t follow through.
Life goes on…I go on

10-17-11 Day 25

Howdy, it’s been a busy weekend.  I did the Occupy Austin march on Saturday and attended the AIDS Walk on Sunday.
It was a good turnout for the AIDS march with Greg Louganis as the Honoree Chair.  The group was able to raise beyond its goal which is always good.  I got my annual HIV test which was negative.  30 years plus of negative test and going strong.
The Occupy Austin march was larger in attendance and the results were very strong the day of the march with over $200 grand taken out of Chase and Bank of America accounts and moved to local credit unions and smaller local banks.   A clear and decisive move that has an immediate impact.  Hopefully other cities did just as well if not better.
Slowly Occupy is getting organized and making a difference, I wish them well.
Life goes on..I go on

10-14-11 Occupy Austin

Last night after I wrote the post, I stuck around and watched what was happening.  I had the opportunity to meet several people which I will discuss below.
The first was an elderly lady around 70 years old who was there to support the movement.  I asked her what it meant to her and she responded that it was about the change that needed to happen in politics and corporate greed.  I then asked her if she was part of the 60’s movement and she informed me that she was and did it in Austin.  I was thrilled to then ask her what she thought was different between then and now.
After careful thought, she said nothing.  It was still the same aspect of people being there to party as well as those who were there for a serious movement.  They both go hand in hand, for the party aspect helps keep tensions low while they get focused on what to do. 
I then asked her wither she felt that her generation had accomplished anything in their movement.  Her first response was NO, which took me back a bit.  Then she said, “Well yes, I guess we did.”  She continued to say that they did make change in the long run.  Getting out of Vietnam, integration and some politics.  When she finished speaking she had a huge smile on her face and thanked me for reminding her of what had been accomplished.  This seem to give her strength to continue to help support the “Occupy” movement.
Later I had the opportunity to talk to one of the young ladies who was responsible for a march to be held soon.  We talked about how the movement had changed and how things were progressing for each city and the overall movement.  I then discussed the concept of how to spend money as I had previously posted and her response was positive.  However, I had to laugh at her when she said, “I would like for you to take control of this and bring it up to the General Assembly so that action can be taken.”  She had very easily made sure that someone other than herself was responsible for this action.  Keeping herself free to do what she wanted to do.  I was impressed.
Finally, I had talked with a film maker who admitted to me that he was a right wing conservative.  He also wanted change, mostly in the form of smaller government and less taxes.  We discussed my ideas and what I had seen in the few times I had been to the event.  I also talked from a position of being a previous public activist in the 90’s.  He turned the camera on and filmed what I had to say.  It will be interesting to see if it is used at any time…lol
Once I watched part of the General Assembly, I left feeling much more confident that things were moving forward for the movement.  I also felt a desire to become more active, however, as I had pointed out to a couple of the people I had spoken with, my main concern right now is staying alive.  Keeping my business alive and trying to get a home once again.  They all understood it and had empathy for me, which was a mixture of comfort but also emptiness.  There really was nothing they could do for me at this time.
Regardless, I am feeling better about Occupy Austin and I do wish them well.  Who knows, maybe I may be in their march on Saturday.
Life goes on…I go on.

10-13-11 Occupy Austin

In a previous post, I had mentioned that homeless people have to ‘kill’ time and I had some time to kill this afternoon.  Thus, I choose to see what the latest was for Occupy Austin.
The crowd is smaller and appears to be more party oriented along with more of the new ‘hippies’ in attendance.  Clearly it is a younger crowd, which is good to see and yet for credibility, I would say it’s not the right people to represent a new movement.  That’s probably what they said in the 60’s…lol
I saw a lady with a tog on that read “Media”.  I immediately went to her and poised this question:
“Can you tell me what the current objectives are for Occupy Austin is?”
“It you go to the web site, it’s archived there and you can read it.”
“Is there anyone here that can tell me?”  I asked a bit annoyed by her answer.
“It’s on the web site…”
“In another words, NO?”
“If you stick around for the 7 PM lecture, you can find out.  I only know what is current at 11 AM and 7 PM.”  With that, she walked away.
Either she really didn’t know what what was going on which does not say much for her as media person or for the group.  Or, since I wasn’t from the “Media”, she didn’t want to waste time with me.  Whatever the case was, it was not a good response.
As I listened and talked to various people, it was clear that each one of them wanted change and what very little they could do was of great value to the movement.  They acknowledged that there is a good deal of disagreement among the members, but when there is agreement on something, then the whole group supports the agreement.
While at the event, word was announced that a ‘clean sweep’ was going to happen soon by the police.  It was a false alarm for Austin, but clearly not for Houston.
Tensions rose quickly during the few minutes of gossip.  I was, however, very pleased by the quick ‘fact’ check that happened by members of the group.  As soon as they heard from key city officials that nothing was going to happen, they yelled it out to the group several times to make sure everyone knew what was happening, what the ‘facts’ were.
There is hope for the organization yet!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10-13-11 #3

I want to give people a better sense of what my living conditions are like.  Therefore, I am attaching a picture of my storage unit and what I am sadly calling home for the moment.  As you can see, other than the comforter, I am sleeping on a solid cement floor surrounded by my belongings.  The unit measures 10' long by 5' wide.  Nothing fancy, just very basic.  I have to be as quiet as a church mouse when I am there during the night or any time of day to not be discovered.  I remind myself, it is better than nothing and that it is short term.
Life goes on…I go on

10-13-11 #2

Here is my suggestion to Occupy Austin and the other groups.  First, I will be clear that I am not following the movement as much as I would like to, so I am not sure if anyone else has suggested this course of action.  Knowing the Universe, I am sure it’s in the minds of many people, and someone else is also suggesting it.  Regardless, if this is followed, I believe it will make a major impact and give the organization more clout and a larger voice.
Each participant should take two pledges as this time, both are outlined below:
1-                  Do not spend money on any product or service from a large corporation this Holiday season starting immediately and through the end of the year.  Instead, spend money with the smaller businesses and corporations.  This goes for everything you would make a purchase for.
2-                  Pledge that when a product you have purchased from a large corporation expires, falls apart or simply is not of use anymore, the pledge will shop at a smaller business or corporation.
Finally, the “Occupy” groups need to be clear on what constitutes a large corporation.  Once that is officially determined, then a list should be created and distributed to help everyone fully understand who the target is beyond Wall Street and government.
By doing this, corporations will fully understand Occupies commitment and strength.  Things will begin to change.  Change is what the movement is about and NOW is the time.

10-13-11 Day 21

Today was my bankruptcy hearing and it did not go as smooth as I wanted or hoped for.  The trustee (acting judge) was concerned at how I had filled; no attorney.  He kept emphasizing the need for one.  Hell, I wish I could afford one myself.  If I had the money for that attorney, I would have used it to sue UniBooks for their screw up which put me in this spot.
None the less, he was clear about amending certain forms and additional paperwork needed to complete the process.  Until then, the bankruptcy was continued till mid November
While I sat there I listened to the other cases that were before me.  They ranged from 20-70 years of age, mostly white and coupled.  All of us suffered due to the economy, or lack of.  Some had homes they had to sale, some like myself had nothing left and all were not sure what the future had to offer.  They, like myself were hoping and praying for a better future and soon, real soon.
So as we each left the court room, most were able to move forward and trust things would get better.  As for myself and one other person whose case was delayed, we too wish for a better future but seemed slowed down a bit on our road to recovery.
Life goes on…I go on

Today was my bankruptcy hearing and it did not go as smooth as I wanted or hoped for.  The trustee (acting judge) was concerned at how I had filled; no attorney.  He kept emphasizing the need for one.  Hell, I wish I could afford one myself.  If I had the money for that attorney, I would have used it to sue UniBooks for their screw up which put me in this spot.
None the less, he was clear about amending certain forms and additional paperwork needed to complete the process.  Until then, the bankruptcy was continued till mid November
While I sat there I listened to the other cases that were before me.  They ranged from 20-70 years of age, mostly white and coupled.  All of us suffered due to the economy, or lack of.  Some had homes they had to sale, some like myself had nothing left and all were not sure what the future had to offer.  They, like myself were hoping and praying for a better future and soon, real soon.
So as we each left the court room, most were able to move forward and trust things would get better.  As for myself and one other person whose case was delayed, we too wish for a better future but seemed slowed down a bit on our road to recovery.
Life goes on…I go on

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10-12-11 #3

I saw my old roommate recently, the one who forced me out on to the streets and he asked me if anything had changed.  I held my tongue as I really wanted to say something like: “Are you Fu…ing crazy?  You trough me out to the streets, of course nothing changed!”  But I didn’t say it; instead, I smiled and simply said no.
I am real curious to understand what his thought process is or was at the time he threw me out.  Did he really expect that by forcing me out, I would magically get a job?  Or a friend of mine would allow me to move in with them?  Did he forget that I barely know anyone here and that the same issues exist for finding a job then as it does now.  It is actually harder due to the additional limits on PC access, etc.  So why would things change for me by him forcing me out on the streets?
The next question that comes to mind is his Christian belief.  What happened to charity for those in worst shape?  I understand that he cannot pay for everything; food and utilities, money is tight for him.  However, he wasn’t paying for my food ever and when I did have money for rent; he was getting something, even if it wasn’t all the rent.  He saw me busting my ass for my business and knew what happened with the Unibook failure that through me into huge debt at the first of the year.  So what was he thinking?  Why would something change overnight?  If you, the reader have the answer, please let me know.  In the mean time…
Life goes on…I go on.

10-12-11 #2

A brief moment of good news to share.  I have been able to arrange about 12 hours of temp work this week.  This is money that will help pay my November bills, if it arrives on time.  Either way, its money coming in and that is always good news.

10-12-11 Day 20

Comfort Zone; we all have it and it is in a variety of ways or places.  It is not a place that I want to be in while homeless.
I finally got most of my stuff moved into my storage unit.  After spending a couple of hours working on it, I had things somewhat organized.  My PC is set up on a make shift desk that is created by my two- two drawer file cabinets.  M7y space to layout my comforter and my digital rabbit ears connected to my monitor so I can watch TV, which is when I can get a signal which is not easy in a building made of steel.  That is now my work space and home, my comfort zone.
I am grateful for this space but I do not want to be in a worst off position or remaining in this current position for long.  I deserve and want to be in a home of my own.  I deserve and want to have my Authors to succeed, which then means that my business will succeed.  I want and deserve a government that is more concerned about its citizens then it is about politics.  Am I asking for too much?
Life goes on…I go on.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10-10-11 #2

I know better than to judge others and yet I find myself doing just that.  It’s as if the little things or even none existing things to others are staring at me dead on and pushing my buttons.  Here are a few examples.
Crossing the street:  Why do parents with small children find it necessary to cross a street anywhere?  If they do cross in a crosswalk that has a light, nine out of ten times they ignore it and cross against the single.  The lessons they are teaching the child are bad enough, but to clearly endanger the child – that is in sane!  That alone makes me wonder if they are qualified to raise children.
Smokers: I am thrilled that you cannot smoke in bars and restaurants.  I grew up with a two pack a day smoker so I am sure the second hand smoke has damaged me in some way.  Regardless of the past damage, I really don’t want to be around someone smoking.  I don’t like the smell.  I don’t like breathing it and my arrogant little ass does not want to change my health because of someone else’s bad habit or self killing binge.
So here is my issue:  When someone is smoking at a bus stop, why is it that they cannot move away from the many others at the stop who are not smoking?  Why is it that we have to inhale their smoke?  Then when they get on the bus, we have to smell them.  And trust me the smell fills the entire buss.  Disgusting!
Here is another quirk I find confusing.  Why is it that most smokers cannot or choose not to find a proper place for their cigarette butts?  Here in Austin on a tourist street known as “6th Street”, most smokers are force d be out on the sidewalk to do their thing.  The street is littered with cigarette butts each night.  While some bars provide ash trays or cans for their butts, it doesn’t stop their customers from trashing the streets.  Why?
Finally for this post, my last two cents worth; Body Order.
I fully understand the cultural differences from race to race, count5ry to country about bathing and I have learned to respect those differences.  But there is a limit.  When in public, a person should be respectful of others; yeah, I know, that thought has nearly disappeared from our human concept.  Still, there should be limits.
When I ride the bus, the last thing I want to suffer from his someone who smells so bad that you would swear their smell not only lingers in your nostrils fro hours, but also on your clothing.  There have been a few occasions that the smell from someone has gagged me enough to force me off a bus.  While on most occasions, I can handle a smelly person long enough to get to my destination, their smell lingers and that freaks me out in fear that some9one I will be meeting or standing next to will smell t he ord3er and think it is I who stinks.
This type of odor is worst then a cigarette smoker for you cannot put a single word to it that describes the smell.  Body odor, cigarette smoke, alcoholic and so forth only scratches the surface of this offending smell.  And yes, the majority of these offenders are the homeless.  To me these are the hard cases that may very well require a healing or long term housing care facility.  Thus, I am mixed with judgment for their smell and heartache for their condition.
God, I beg of you, don’t let me end up as one of them!
Life goes on…I go on.

10-10-11 Day 18

One of the things I am beginning to have difficulty with is the lack of sleep.  When you don’t have a home, you are forced to keep moving from location to location.  Even the public library frowns upon people staying too long in their place.
This constant movement is exhausting.  I plan my day out as best as possible on what I need to do and where I can go.  Most of the time, I still find many hours in the day to ‘fill’.  Not having a laptop doesn’t help me at all.  Being able to sit somewhere, even outside in a Wi-Fi zone to do work, job hunt, etc., would fill up my time.
I hope to have all my stuff in my storage unit this week so that I can organize it and my work schedule better.  I’ve been waiting to visit various businesses to help sale some of my books, but I find myself at a lost being split up in two locations and having to sue the bus for transportation.  I just have to take a deep breath and remind myself to chill out and be patient.
Life goes on…I go on.

10-9-11 Day 17

It’s been two weeks of homelessness and still I find it interesting and eye opening in many ways.
We have finally been blessed with rain here in Austin, though it is not much it is a welcome reprieve from the extreme dry heat we have had for several months.
However, rain does present a problem of the homeless.  The most important aspect of course is sleeping outdoors.  While many will head for the shelters in hopes of some bed space, many others simply find plastic bags to create shelters above them or around themselves to keep them dry and warmer.  Affixation can happen if they are not careful.

For those that have already created a tent for themselves in the creek beds and forest/park areas, they become aware of flash floods, etc.
This change of weather is also when the homeless become more receptive to cold and flu.  It wi9ll not be long now before we begin to hear about people found dead due to the weather; freezing to death or getting severely sick from the cold weather.  Thi9s is also when an influx of homeless people will happen.
Those that choose to be homeless will move in from the north and some from here will even move further south to other cities.  I do not have an option right now.  My commitment remains to my authors and my company.  Thus, I need to be here to handle book shipments as they occur.  Thankfully, I have the storage until to sleep in if need be.
For all others, they will begin to receive coats and blankets from various shelters and organizations to help- them stay as dray and as warm as possible.  I wish them all well.
Life goes on…I go on.

10-8-11 Day 16

I went back to the “Occupy Austin” event mostly to see if they had organized any better. To find that answer I did three things; 1-Ask questions of what “Staff” I could, 2-Ask questions of the press and 3-Listened to what the speakers had to say.  Below are the answers I found.
1-Ask question of the “Staff”.  A young man was sitting at a table with a laptop and other paper items around it.  I was able to determine that he was for all practical aspects, the information officer posting updates to their web site and facebook pages.
My question to him was straight forward and one that I felt would clearly show that the group had organized or at least had some merit.
“What were the group’s objectives of Goals?”
The response actually reminded me of a politician.
“There are so many, I could not answer that question.”  He continued by advising me to listen to the speakers to get my answers.  For someone providing information to the world, that was very disappointing.
I then saw a reporter doing her taping for her news program.  When she was done, I poised the question to her. 
“From the press’s perspective, what is the group’s objective?”
Her response was; “To protest against corporations and wall Street.”
I had to then ask, “What does that mean?  Protest what?”
“A good question,” was her response.  And it is a good question.  In our discussion that followed, she agreed for that there was no solid direction or goals for the group.  She told me that in an interview with a gentleman about the Middle East revolution, he had commented that it took sev3eral years for that revolution to happen.  Several years?  Sorry, but America doesn’t have several years to change.  Most Americans have already lost time and hope.  If things don’t change in the next few days or weeks, many thousands more will be in my position or worst.
Finally to my third objective, to listen to what was being said.  Sadly, I must have missed the speeches for what I heard really was nothing, just pats on their backs for doing a good job protesting.
An old TV commercial comes to mind; “Where’s the beef?”  What is the change this organization wants?  And how are they going to achieve it?
Finally one last item.  As I stood there listening to people a young lady in her late 20’s to early 30’s approached me and asked if I had been following the event.  I told her I had and a conversation ensued where we both were saying the same things about lack of organization, goals, etc.  What I found of interest were the words she uttered to me:  “I’m part of the 99% who lack belief in them.  I want change, but I just don’t think they are the ones to do it.”
Another point of interest that I also found was the absence of the homeless.  I guess they felt left out of this opportunity, or maybe not welcomed to be a part of it as they often are not.
Life goes on…I go on.