Friday, May 8, 2015

When Do You Live?

I poised this question first to a friend of mine who didn’t answer the question, as they were trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to know.  So, the next best thing to do is pose the question to myself.  When DO I Live?

From a realistic everyday point of view, I live every second of every day.  But the truth for me is that I exist for every second of every day and rarely to I actually LIVE!  Even in my homeless state, I still have responsibilities that require me to earn a living and for bills to be paid.  Therefore, like most people I have a ‘real’ job that pays my bills, even if the income is very limited and not enough to really live properly.  So when I go to that job and work, I am not working to live, I am working to exist.  To live a life that society has determined is required to be ‘normal’ and to have what the ‘average’ person has.

When I actually LIVE is when I am helping others.  Yes, I am blessed to have a day job that allows me the flexability to take time off to do what I LIVE for.  I just want the two options to combine so I can do what I Love doing and Live to do.  Thus, for those times that I actually get to LIVE, they are rare and far between, so I cherish them even more.

The times that I get to do what I want, which may be as simple as walking on the trails of a city lake, or bike riding, or even chilling out by myself, those times are also moments where I can Live.  These moments are my ‘down’ time, my time to clear my mind to allow me to be open to the Universal thought which in turns gives me opportunities to create and do the things that allow me to help others.  Therefore, even those down times lead me to do what I Love to do and what I Live for.

When you are wrapped up in your busy world, do you find time to actually ‘live’?

Life goes on…I go on