Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mr. Reed Misses the Point - He's Just a Bully

Recently an uproar has been made about an actress being overweight. While I don't agree with the tactics of Mr. Reed attacking the actress publicly, one does wonder what message is being sent by the actress to the millions of children and adults who are struggling with being overweight.

I struggle with that issue constantly myself, though my weight is 175 lbs and am 6' tall, I am actually slender, but I love my sweets and junk food just like everyone else, and it is those items that pack on the most fat weight.

There is no telling what an overweight persons struggle is, if they have one at all. We have heard of certain deficiencys in a body’s metabolism that may cause easy weight gain, and what may make lossing the weight harder if not impossible. We have heard that it may be caused by stress, or lack of ones self worth. In many cases, it is just that we have become addicted to fattening foods for various reasons. No matter what the reason is, it's for that person to deal with. If they choose to get help, it's available for them. If they are happy with how they look, then it should be OK for them to be that way, and they should be willing to take on full responsibility for any illness it may cause at their expense.

I do know one thing that I can attest too, and that is how large companies have created fattening foods and have managed to get the federal government to approve them for their SNAP (food stamp) program, when they should not be. At the same time, shame on the government for not giving enough money to people so they can afford to purchase healthy foods.

Here is a perfect example: During my homelessness, I have been able to arrange to get food stamps to help me eat. That's $200 per month for a single person. That means, if I want to eat enough food to 'fill' me up, I can only spend about $6.00 per day on junk food. Not healthy food, but junk food, the food that makes me gain weight and destroys my body's health. Can you imagine eating enough food for a whole day on just $6.00? You really can't. That's why my food stamps usually only last 20 days at best, and that's me staying at $10.00 per day.

I can't even buy vitamins that would help keep my body healthy as it's not a 'food' item. Yet, you can buy soda's, snack candy, chips and so much other unhealthy food with the food stamps.

This maneuvering of the big corporations to suck more money out of the government is a sham in no uncertain terms. By forcing low income families to buy unhealthy food, they then force them to need medical treatment more, which means more money out of the federal governments pocket...YOUR POCKET!

Healthy foods need to be the only thing available to purchase on food stamps, and the government needs to keep pace with rising food costs. The last increase on food stamps was over four years ago, and prices have increased over 30% since then. Thus, less money to buy food, forces people to buy less healthy food, which means more medical bills, which means more taxes.

But sadly, as with everything else going on in this world, the American public will allow this to continue saying it's not their problem. Or even better yet, like Mr. Reed, they will publicly humiliate someone saying a variety of mean things to try and shame that person or persons, while not really understanding what the problem is, but only to make themselves feel like they are helping address a problem, when all they are doing is being a 'bully' and to be real honest, chicken shit by not addressing the real issues at hand.

Life goes on...I go on