Monday, July 20, 2015

Fight Song


While I am dedicating this posting to my Aunt, what I write is valid for everyone of us. 

There is a song that is getting a lot of air play at this time known as "Fight Song", there are several performers singing it right now, but Rachel Platten is getting the most air time.  The song is simple, it's about choosing to be true to yourself, fighting for who you are and what you believe in.  No matter how bad it may appear.

Staying true to yourself and claiming your beauty, wisdom, strength and your spiritual gift is what separates you from those who don't.  To many people choose to give up on work, projects, and way too many give up on their life feeling it is not worth it to go on. 

Wither you are experiencing health issues, as my Aunt is currently doing with Breast Cancer, or even myself with homelessness, how you choose to handle it is what makes you special. 

I have learned over my life that God (Spiritual entity of your choice) does send you messages of hope and love.  It may not come in the way you may want to see or hear it, but he/she does, as is the case in this song.  But this is one of thousands of songs that can help people to be motivated, to hang on a little longer and to know that LOVE does exist for each and everyone of us. 

People are not living YOUR LIFE!  Don't let them tell you what to do and how to do it!  You can hear everything that is said to you, and you can choose to take what you want from it, but ultimately, this is YOUR LIFE!  Live it as gloriously as you choose to do so.  If you live a positive affirming life, you will touch people's lives that you never know of.  Living a positive affirming life sends ripples throughout the world.  To give up on life, to give up on your dreams not only hurts you, but those around you. 

This is Your Life, sing it with glory and praise, even if it is only YOU who hears it.  Trust me, the ripple effect will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Here is a link to the song on YouTube with the lyrics:


Life goes on...I go on