Friday, January 25, 2013

I have a Job!


As of today, I am going to be working for a company as a contract employee.  It's not much, just $9.00 pr hr for 20 hrs a week, but it's something and I am happy for it.

This job came about from a friend of mine that I had developed since July of last year.  Slowly this person and I became friends, and while he was aware of my situation, I never asked him for help, for I can't do that, and I had no clue if he could do anything for me.  But, when something came up in his company, he thought of me.

Even the issue of my felony from years ago, may be an issue at this time, he has faith that we will be able to over come it. 

So between the extension of work with Starbucks through the end of February, and this new contract job, I am feeling pretty damn good that things are improving for me.  Now, if I can get my Consulting company moving forward, along with the non profits that I had created, I should be moving forward in a positive way.  In no time, I may actually be moving into an apartment...YEAH!!!

Life goes on...I go on

Friday, January 18, 2013

Try....Even if you get Burned?

Recently a song came out from the artist known as Pink.  I love most of what she has sung over the past few years.  This particular song seems to sum up my attitude towards life.  Now keep in mind that her song is about love, while I am applying it to general life, for to me it does seem to apply.  The chorus goes like this:

Where there is desire there is going to be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone is bound to get burned
Just because it burns, doesn't mean your gonna die
You got to get up and try, and try, and try
You got to get up and try, and try, and try

It is so true!

Let's face it; life can be a Bitch at times.  Yes, you may loose love, you may loose a loved one, you may loose so much in life.  God knows I have.  But that doesn't mean I can't keep trying to do what my desire is.

Ok, over the past year I have lost my business, a home, and so much more.  Yet, even with all my bitching on this blog, I really do hope you see someone who continues to fight, even in a loosing battle. Someone who gets back up and try again.  After all, why should I sit and mope about things more then I do.  I get it out of my system, do my little tantrum and then get back into LIFE!

Even during this past year, I have meet so many interesting people.  I still have helped a variety of Authors get their books published.  Artist have been given a chance to do what they love doing.  Hell, I've even given a couple of attorneys a chance at acting like fools. 

Bottom line is this:  No matter what your desire is, as long as it is for good, then go for it!  Don't let the Nye Sayers keep you down.  Don't let fear keep you from touching the flame of fame, happiness or the light.  Get out there, set your self up for success and believe in achieving your desire.

Add light to the world in a positive way and you will be a better person for it.  Even if you don't achieve what your desire is, you will have been on a road that made you a better person.  If and only if, you realize the lessons you learned along the way and share your desire in a positive loving way.

Life goes on...I go on...And I want YOU to dream BIG!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vacation Time

Recently I submitted a nominee to Ellen DeGeneres TV show...a Vacation to Australia as part of her show. The nominee was me. While there is no doubt I could and would love a vacation of any type that is paid for, I have to admit that it feels strange in so doing. Yes, I've had a rough two years. Yes, I've lost a lot. But, I know I'm not alone, so why should I nominate myself? Do I deserve to win? Did I suffer worst then someone else? NO!
When I walk into a soup kitchen, or down a street in some areas, I see people who are in worst shape then I am. Has I work on reorganizing my business, I know that I am blessed in many respects to be able to even do a business. When I go to bed and sleep in my storage unit, I am reminded every night that I am not out in the freezing cold, or crime ridden streets, I have a place to sleep. I have some form of money coming in to help keep me moving forward. So many people don't have it as good as I do.
Yes, I would love a vacation, even to a country that's on my 'want to visit' list. Yes, it would be great to sleep in a hotel bed, or eat a normal meal. Yes, it would be GREAT! But it's not necessary compared to getting into my own place, to be earning an income on a regular basis. Yes, I would love to have an experience that is uniquely Australia, but having a normal life would be even better.
So when Ellen's team chooses someone to win that trip, I sincerely hope that person really deserves it compared to me, or anyone one else who is suffering or going through a rough time. Don't let me down Ellen!
Life goes on...I go on.

To Old to Work? NOT!

I have commented on this before that I have felt the discrimination against me because of my age. It's true, most employers don't want to hire someone of age because they think that 1) they have to pay more and 2) that they bring too much baggage to the job.

Baggage, while I would say experience. But employer's consider the fact of trying to educate an older person to 'their' ways is to expensive and too much of a hassle. Much easier to train a young person who may not have 'baggage' and who they clearly can pay less.
So this does bring an interesting opportunity for us older workers. What do we do to survive. Many of us can use our experiences to create a new business, or we can choose to launch a new career in a totally different field. Many of us are doing just that, as I am with my consulting business.
Sadly at the same time, many older workers are also finding them selves forced to go back to work in order to survive the economic situation they had not expected to happen. Hopefully, they too are able to create new adventures in life that benefits their lives in many ways.
Thus, while our current economy and our lack of respect from the business world has forced many of us to be creative, it has at the same time, helped the economy by us creating new businesses and opportunities for those who are younger. So while many think of us too old to be of value, you may want to re-think your ideas and be glad for our experiences and our desire to continue to be a valued part of the world.
Life goes on...I go on

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moving On in the New Year

As of today, January 3, 2013 I filled bankruptcy for my company with over $308,000.00 claimed to over 100 people and businesses around the globe. That does not include my personal bankruptcy of $100,000 that I did in 2011. All of this due to the finale nail in the coffin delivered by Lightning Source/Ingrim for their immoral acts. However, with that said, now I can move forward by still helping people get their books published through my consulting businesses, but also work on other projects that I also hope will help move the Universe in a more positive direction.

The focus for this year is of course finding a valid source of income that allows for me to get an apartment, or a room to rent in a house. I am over this cold ass storage unit...and I am more then ready to live a life that I am entitled to, and deserve to live. Not saying filthy rich, just a life that is more abundant and allows me to enjoy simple pleasures of life.

As the New Year moves forward, I want to be able to grow in prosperity and help others do the same. A simple request, desire and an act that we all deserve.

Life goes on...I go on