Saturday, December 29, 2012

Robbery at Storage Unit

I awake this morning feeling good. When I opened my door, I noticed that there was property out on the catwalk just down from my unit. I thought it was strange to see that much stuff out at 6 am.
When I left at 6:45 I noticed someone was walking down the corridor near the stuff...figured still strange, but that they were cleaning out and moving out.

As I left, I saw in another corridor that two units were open, that was strange as no one was there and again stuff was out on the catwalk. I walked up to them to see if someone was in there, no one was and the locks were on the ground broken. Another robbery and it seemed that someone was still in the bldg other then me.

I immediately began to leave and called 911.

Has I was on the phone with the police telling them what was happening I also thought about what I was going to say to them so I would not be found out as living there, plus I had a bag of garbage in my hands...had to get rid of that before the cops arrived, avoid more questions.  I dropped the trash off in a trash bin near by.

As I waited for the police to arrive I saw a truck that had been parked close to the scene was leaving.

I stood close to the gate, but not too close in case they jumped out for me.  The police used my description of the vehicle and pulled the truck over after it left.

I went back in to the building and counted 9 units had been broken in to. I went back out to wait for the police. Several very cold minutes later as I watch them pass by the facility, and then turning on their sirens to stop the truck that was just a couple of blocks away, they finally arrived. I told them that I had come in for my gym bag and what I had seen.   They of course asked for my ID and gave it to them and showed them everything that I had seen.

I wasn't asked any questions about me being there which was good. They had questioned the guys about them being there, they said that they were getting their gardening stuff, which the police verified was in their unit, which was close to the break ins. I confirmed that there were a lot of gardeners there renting units. They let me go.

I'm not scared of being there at night, but it raised some interesting questions about the robbery happening while I was asleep.

When I returned to the facility, I stoped by the office and was welcomed with a hand shake from the property manager, and with a thank you.  While in the back of my mind, I was concerned about questions as to me being there, there were none, so I relaxed just a tiny bit.  As I stood there I could see them going through the video, luckily they had already determined who it was and what time it had happened.

Here is an interesting tid bit.  I'm about 75 feet away from the storage units that were broken into.  The cameras tag the criminals at 1:30 AM coming in and leaving at 2:17 AM.  At 2:15 AM, I awake and turned off my heater that I had on at the time.  I also relieved myself.  I wonder if me making noise at that time may have scarred them off?  I had turned off a loud machine, and was moving around in the unit...was that enough noise for them to get jumpy and leave?  They left out a door that was less then 25 feet from me.  An interesting aspect to all of this.

While I am not scared about the criminals, I was actually more concerned about being found out and being kicked out.  Time will tell as to what may happen there.  For now, it appears that I am ok.

Clearly with all of the changes going on in my life, I need to make another critical one...move out!

I can only pray for continued growth in my business which will allow for me to have the money to move into an apartment in short time.

Life goes on...I go on

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Howdy, merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What a year it has been!
I have been homeless for 15 months and have experienced a great deal of love in places I would not have expected and in many cases from people I would not have expected as well.
At the same time I have also experienced a year of great frustration. As I finished out this year, I have been forced to close my business which created a great deal of sadness for me. Not so much for the loss of my business, but for more of the true sadness of letting down the over 100 Authors and Artist that worked with me. Because of the "finale" nail in the coffin for my biz came from the immoral acts of a large company, it made it even harder to believe, as I could do nothing about it. The Authors and Artist were the ones who suffered due to that companies actions and that saddens me greatly.
But as they say, when God closes one door, He opens another. It is my sincere hope that my new adventures; and will still allow me to help people full fill their dreams in a multitude of ways.
So, it is with that hope and my fearless mind set of continuing to live life to the fullest, that I am excited by the new Mayan cycle, a wonderful Holiday Season and the New Year.
I wish you and your family great joy, happiness and lots if fun this New Year and many more to come.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A New Beginning

As I write this, it is the day that a new cycle is to begin according to the Miyan's.  I for one am full of great anticipation for it.

Lets face it, the past 5,125 years of the Miyan calendar has been quite a trip.  So much war, hatred, scientific advancements, and love has been demonstrated during the past, one can only imagine what the future holds.

I do, however, worry about the future.  As I said, there has been so much war and hatred, I am fearful to a point that we have yet to learn from the past.  While more and more Love is showing itself, I sincerely and joyfully hope that it will be ever increasing to overwhelm the negativeness of hatred and fear.

We as humans must learn that greed and fear is not what makes us wonderful humans.  It is our ability to love, to accept people for who they are and to learn to live with our differences that makes us much better and greater then animals.  

At the same time, as a person who is emerrsed into the creative aspect of life, I also hope we allow our children for generations to come, to explore and develope the various arts.  It is after all from our creative imagination that has allowed our scientific minds to grow and create such wonders.

Part of my remaining years will be dedicated to helping establish communities that support the creative mind as seen with my first project  I anticipate this is just the beginning for me and for others.

So as we celebrate another holiday and a new year, may each if us take the lessons of the past, wither personal or global and use them to help make our world a greater place to live and grow in.

Blessings to you, your family and future generations.

Life goes on...I go on